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to capture the danger .

i keep having flashes of a short film in my mind . it's not abt anything really . perhaps a dark & dreamy romance ? b&w with nouvelle vague filmmaking style similar to a godard film mixed with the indie darling & edge of a slimane photograph . dripping with the real passion & grit of a risky young love . dangerous . i've seemed to become infatuated with that word as of late . a love so dangerous that it explains why many ppl keep themselves so guarded from love . the act requires a surrender , a loss of control , a vulnerability that many will never have the balls to endure . what does this even look like ? me , u , & the brand new vintage gaf st 602 8mm will soon find out . . .

**photo courtesy of stephen taylor**


f i e r c e .

chanel , sessilee , jourdan , & arlenis for the sept 2009 issue of i-D magazine .


r a n d o m .

u can be on top of the world one moment , then splattered all over the concrete the next . life is funny that way . to question such a mystery would only give me a headache & leave me mad at the very existence of humanity . c'est ainsi qu'il en est . let it bleed .


mystery in le budoir .

i'm just now realizing how emo i must seem . a bit late , i know , but i guess i see myself differently than u do . how ? i'm not sure . i mean , it's rather obvious & has been since that thwarted suicide attempt in high school . i live in a cryptically dark comedy similar to a wes anderson film . i'm wondering lately why ppl can't handle darkness . quirkiness . the mystery that lies behind the brooding eyes . since childhood we're taught to use the corresponding face for the corresponding emotion , but does that mean i can't cry when i'm happy nor smile when i'm sad ? as humans we're insanely complex , yet some of us will live our whole lives trying to be simple . how boring that must be , faking perfection for the sake of others who can't handle the full spectrum of human emotions . luckily , i play by a different set of rules . or lack thereof . perhaps that's my problem .

i bet u can't tell that i am smiling right now . pa-pa-pa-poker face , pa-pa-poker faaaace . . .

f i e r c e .

8 inch ACNE platform samples . got to rock them on the set of a commercial shoot we did last month . can't wait to rock the official pair . gimme !

lil miss dreamcatcher .

joey gave me this miniature dreamcatcher from a truck stop somewhere in arizona on our road trip to oklahoma last month . they are supposed to hang above ur bed to protect u from bad dreams , but i decided to put a hook on it & wear it in my ear .

sorry . my feather game is better than yours . deal with it .

t h r o w b a c k .

who let this damn square in the atmosphere ??? yeah . that's me in tenth grade . gotta love memory lane . . .

one year older .

one year wiser . better . stronger .

today i am surrounded by my fave number , eight . what a powerfully beautiful & complex little thing ; the number of perfection or infinity , the final point of manifestation , the symbol for new life . multiplicity . prosperity . the symbol of cosmic christ .

baby oh baby , i can only imagine what's in store for me this year . . .


c u r r e n t l y . . .

i'm having the most vivid dreams lately abt being attacked . perhaps because i'm defending my character so much lately in my real life . receiving tons of criticism . feeling misunderstood . it's not a saddening thing , it simply comes with the territory of being so free . so be it . i live hard . u should do the same .

r a n d o m .

some random monday in july . hollywood . courtesy of rony's photobooth .

hi , my name is . . .

reggieknow .

i had the pleasure of meeting this brilliant dude & his busted rain boots for lunch last week , & his mind is something else . he is truly on his own path & i admire that so much . hopefully we'll get a chance to collaborate artistically , but even if not he will be someone i meet with for random conversation often . we talked abt art , "posers" , fashion , & food .

if ur not up on this dude ur truly missing out on the sheer genius of an innovator . step ur google game up .

"mama , i'm in love with a punk"

rocker that is .
oh joey , ur changing my life . . .


hi , my name is . . .

this is imran .
we met at a vegan spot in los feliz . we shared a table & talked for a while abt canada vs the us , buddhism vs hinduism , transcendental meditation , & his 102 year old grandpa .

the key to long life , u may ask ? "never hold on to anything , be it anger , sadness , insecurity , or a grudge . keep ur shoulders & conscience light" . done & doner .

how many ppl have u allowed into ur little bubble today ? did u make eye contact with a stranger ? oblige someone's random request for help ?
step outside of ur comfort zone . u never know who u might meet .