why imprison yourself with a lie when you can free yourself with the truth ? . . . like , i truly have no patience for adults who continue to live their lives in a cycle of lies . claiming to unintentionally hurt others while intentionally deceiving them . taking no responsibility for their own actions , yet claiming to be one of the good ones . one of the higher frequency dwellers . spewing spiritual rhetoric like they've done an ounce of your spiritual work . newsflash : the basis of spirituality is a very simple notion - acknowledging that you do not exist singularly in this world . acknowledging that we are indeed inter-dependent ; trusting that whatever decisions you make for yourself , be them big or small , will either directly or indirectly affect every single being in the universe . knowing that we are all connected regardless of how separate we seem to be . this awareness will , in turn , force you to consider others - will inspire you to make better decisions . without this awareness you can not set proper , non-egotistical intentions during meditation . without this basic realization you can not put your best foot forward in the world and reap righteous benefits from the universe . you will simply recreate your suffering over and over again . feel free to take that chance on your own . sting said it best : "truth hits everybody . truth hits everyone ." consider this your wake up call .


hello . remember me ? . . . long story short , that feeling i felt way back when . . . that inner voice that made this blog necessary . . . well , i feel it again . somewhere deep inside of me that old feeling of discovery , and questioning , and insecurity , and overall indifference toward humanity has been shaken awake and . . . well . this is all i know . it took me months to remember my login for this ill begotten blog , but today it happened and for good reason . long story short : i'm a practicing buddhist now and this was the first time that i cried like a baby during guided meditation . if i knew the reason for that outburst i wouldn't be here right now . but , i am . so , let's begin . again . missed you .