the fat lady

will soon sing .
i'll be wearin my blue dress & homemade pill box complete with the cruella veil .
my downtown show with esthero (yay !) & tyrese (huh ?) will be a recent memory . i'll be at that big beautiful house in the hills with friends & champagne (with chambord thanks to siscock) . the fat lady will sing , we'll kiss , & all hope to be brand new ppl in the mornin (or afternoon , whichever u pleasure) . i'm not the resolution type . i don't find joy in writin down promises that i may not keep . i can only be realistic & say that my resolution for every new year is to work just as hard as i play , spread love , & be happy . no restrictions or special instructions necessary . i have had an interestin year full of random good times & confusin inner turmoil . i look forward to the possibilities that 2008 holds for me . eight , as u (don't) know , is my fave number . i can only believe that all my dreams will come true . i'll be sure to keep u posted every step of the way .

here's to the end of a stressful year . may we receive a new political party in the white house & a new batch of (actually talented) stars to overexpose & the end of
streetwear & reality tv (even tho i love it so) & random acts of violence & bigotry & _________ .

the next time u see me i'll be a brand new person .
be as bad as safety allows . . .

. . . p h o t o c o u r t e s y o f v a m p t r a m p . . .


p r a y .

i prayed last nite for the first time inna long time , & it worked . we're still not completely outta the woods yet , so please . . . later on when u bow ur head to pray . . . remember this post & say a little prayer for my family .


remind me to tell u all abt . . .

my fun night with bobby brown .
like seriously
i need a camera crew to follow me around for a day . . .


jack davey's Favorite Things !

minus the free giveaways , but still fun .

uno . . . metalocalypse on adult swim . here's a lil taste , featurin the best cartoon character ever created : doctor rockso the cocaine clown .


dos . . . grandma's boy . so many awesome 1-liners & the silliest scenarios , but what else do u expect from an adam sandler directed flick ? this clip barely does this movie justice , so if u haven't seen it , go rent it , come home , roll up & fat one , & pass it around .

enjoy !

i love my friends .

i had the pleasure of spendin my wknd in norCal w / 4 of my best friends from hi school . i've had a crazy couple of weeks lately , so it felt good to regroup with ppl who've known me forever . we acted like complete 5 year olds , got drunk , talked a lotta shit , & spent time w / my god-daughter mimi . those photos will soon come , but in the meantime , these photos have inspired a new short film idea that i am gonna pursue . i would give u the synopsis , but i don't want nunna yous to jack my cool idea .

btw : brown girls are fresh .

another senseless tragedy .

i'll spare u the drunk drivin lecture . i've been guilty of it myself . i'll just say that after this incident i will not put others in danger ever again . such a selfish decision can change the course of ppl's lives forever in the blink of an eye . on thursday nite , i came across this on sunset blvd & gower as i made my way to roscoe's chicken & waffles for the 2nd time that day (don't ask) . may sam & rhiannon rest in peace .

** S W I P E from variety . com **

Young execs killed in car crash
Cassel, Meier were victims of drunk driver

Scott Rudin Prods. vice president Sam Cassel and Red Wagon Prods. vice president Rhiannon Meier were killed when their car was struck by a driver who ran a red light. Cassel and Meier, both 28, died at the scene.
Jose Luis Vargas, the driver whose car struck their Honda Civic, was arrested for driving under the influence and booked on suspicion of murder, according to the LAPD.

Cassel spent six years working for Rudin, prior to which he worked for Broder. Meier had spent a year working for producers Douglas Wick and Lucy Fisher. Cassel and Meier were traveling home from a dinner date with friends when their car was struck at Sunset and Gower on Saturday morning at 1 a.m.

"Sam was our friend and colleague, and we loved him enormously," Rudin said. "It is impossible to get our heads around this tragedy, and our hearts go out to the families of Sam and Rhiannon."

Wick and Fisher said: "Rhiannon filled every room with her huge smile, intelligence and enthusiasm, and you could already see the bright lights in her future. We are stunned by her loss, and our hearts go out to her family and friends, for whom she is clearly irreplaceable."

LAPD's West Traffic Division detectives are handling the investigation. No details were forthcoming yet about funeral arrangements.


i can't imagine the pain that their families are feelin at this time . while they were robbed of these two innocent lives , they are not the only ones to be affected . the driver , although still alive , will be charged with 2nd degree murder . life sentence . not only does he have to live with the devestatin reality that his stupid actions caused , but his family will suffer as well . idiot . i really hope it was worth it . sam was a dear friend of a dear friend . my heart goes out to all who are affected by this tragedy .

be careful out there !

on page 178 . . .

in the dec issue of a pretty big magazine (ALLURE) with a pretty big star on the cover

is a holiday party spread featurin some pretty cool up & comin actors / actresses

& 1 pretty cool band (J*DaVeY)

who knew such a small pic could be such a big look ?

sf . 12/21 .

we would all love to see u there . . .

pls . thanks . bye .


stylist not included .

tonight in Los Angeles :

san fran , ur next . . .


a work in progress .

as u all know , my partner & i have never been shy of sharin our works in progress with our loyal fans . it keeps u involved in our overall growth durin our writin & recordin process . we simply throw noodles on the wall to see which ones will stick . this song , altho wildly unfinished , is one lil noodle with sticky potential . i present "fallin apart" .

co-produced by khari ferrari of nouveau riche . be gentle .
of course
yet .

imperfect union .

this past friday , nov 30 mr . schoolhouse & i had the pleasure of attendin shepard fairey's (OBEY) private art opening for his latest exhibit , imperfect union . the show opened to the public sat, dec 1 , & unfortunately for that public all of the pieces were already red tagged , aka sold . his wife was tellin us that for the london show they just did only 4 out of 180 pieces went unsold . what this dude does with mixed media is rather amazin . his works combine new age art concepts with the real meanings behind socio-political propagandist messages . if you are in the LA area , or plan to visit soon pls do not hesitate to check out the exhibit .

Imperfect Union, a solo exhibit of new works by Shepard Fairey. This show displays a provocative collection of politically charged paintings, screen prints, stencils, album covers and mixed media pieces rich with metaphor, humor and seductive decorative elements.Imperfect Union is derived from the first line of the U.S. Constitution “We the people of the United States, in order to form a more perfect union”. For Shepard Fairey, critiquing the imperfect union, far from disparaging the United States, is a patriotic step toward shaping a more perfect union.

The exhibition is comprised of artworks which scrutinize the dynamics of the imperfect union such as the unholy union of government and big business and the dichotomy of symbols and methods associated with ideologies of the American Dream. Fairey’s artwork comments on underpinnings of the capitalist machine and monolithic institutional authority critiquing those who support blind nationalism and war. Conversely, Fairey recognizes that most individuals would rather suffer than stand up for their beliefs as illuminatingly expressed in the Declaration of Independence with the statement “all experience hath shown that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed.” Fairey celebrates the role of counter culture, and independent individuals willing to question the cultural paradigm and advocate peace. Fairey employs the graphic language of the subjects he critiques or celebrates blending Art Nouveau, hippie, currency and revolutionary propaganda styles. His works utilize bold iconography coupled with decorative elements and, upon closer inspection, reveal sophisticated layers of collage. The resulting pieces are both boldly aggressive and seductively subtle.

December 1, 2007 - January 14, 2008
Opening Reception: Saturday, December 1, 8-11pm

Merry Karnowsky Gallery
170 South La Brea Avenue
Los Angeles, California 90036Voice 323.933.4408 Fax 323.935.4406
Email: mkultra@flash.net

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ur welcome .

dear george clooney :

ur simply fuckin awesome for throwin up the "w" in the new issue of w .
ur friend brad is simply fuckin awesome for this .